“Hic Sunt Leones” Showcase

After the 2010 advertise campaign,¬†“Hic Sunt Leones”¬†became a thematic showcase inside the Carhartt Square of Rome.

“For the first edition of “this is My Store” Marcello Crescenzi with his project Rise Above, realized a series of illustrations for the visual comunication of the project”: as always in his work he looked for a concept in rooted in the past, in stone, in each city’s history: the result has been the production of eight big portraits of lions taken from monuments and museums, one for each city\store that hosted the events.
Hic Sunt Leones in latin means “here are the lions”. The Lion, universal symbol of pride, is here to represent the pride for the work as the main concept on which the This is My Store campaign is based, ¬†articulated in the secular faces of the stone portraits. Different faces and ages in every city but all standing for the same virtue”