Dante Alighieri the wanderer

Dante Plus is an annual exhibition about the identity and face of Dante Alighieri, sponsored by the city of Ravenna (where the Poet’s burial is located).
It features 30 italian artists each one called to give his very own rendition of the Poet’s appearance.

My contribution focused on the Alighieri’s life as a struggling, wandering, poet and as a political persecuted and hasĀ been based on the crossed information I collected from academic papers about the Poet’s appearance as contemporaries narrated and pictured as well as the forensic analysis of his remainsĀ led in 2007 by the University of Bologna.

The quote is taken from Il Convivio and, roughly, says: “I truly have been like a boat without sail nor steer, led to several harbors and mouths and places by the dry wind that blows the painful poverty; and I’ve appeared to the eyes of many in such a different way compared to the one they figured because of my work”.