hic sunt leones

During almost the whole 2010  i drew posters for the Carhartt’s “This is my store” campaing which took place in several italian Carhartt Stores in different cities, each one of them depicted a lion from the cities where the stores were.

The campaign concept, developed for Carhartt by Slam Jam along with Snob Production and me, was to promote the pride of Carhartt stores’ activities, both commercial and cultural; that’s why I took the universal symbol of pride and fierce and declinated it locally for every store, in every city, for any campaign event.

Every italian city has a different story but every city, that’s for sure,  has its lions.

The logo of the campaign is a re-interpretation of  the classical Rione Trastevere’s lion, the rione where the Carhartt’s roman headquarter is. It has been printed by Carhartt on t-shirts for the whole campaign.

2010 AD