Nike: Make It

“Make It” ¬†was a skateable installation developed during “Nike: the Chosen” festival in Rome’s Foro Italico.

The whole experience was conceived around the idea of make everything by yourself and focused on the shape of the Zoarlc’s board designed for Metallica in 1988.

Along with Scarful and Domenico Dore build a huge replica of Metallica’s Zoralc skateboard shaped like a quarter-pipe sitting on a funeral pyre. Also two 1:1¬†burnished iron replicas of the Zorlac board had been made and . It was an installation in which we joyful celebrated old school heavy metal and skatebaording, two things deeply rooted in our past.

During the festival the Nike Skateboarding and BMX team rode the sculpture.

Photographer Mirai Pulvirenti followed the whole process from the project to the final stages

Audience was challenged to design a new graphic in the Zorlac shaped flyers, the winner won a special edition of Nike skateboarding shoes, customized in colors and materials by me and Scarful.

Black & White pictures are property of Mirai Pulvirenti, color pictures are property of Snob Production.

2011 AD