Rise Above 10th anniversary “MEMENTO SVRGI”

Celebrating Rise Above’s 10th anniversary in 2017 i have, according to my website monicker, released this concept poster-and-shirt combo celebrating the act of becoming, the coming of ages and the “new” prospering thanks to the “old”. Crescent moons are symbols of growth and empowerement as well as my family’s crest and my personal logo, and bees are symbols of abundance and the reiteration of life itself.

Memento Surgi literally means “Remember to Rise”, like an ideal continuation of the “Memento Mori”, “Rememebr you’ll die”. Because what’s important at the very end is not that we die, like everything under the Sun, is how we live and the legacy we’ll leave here to survive us.

This led to a personal exhibition/celebration in Milan along the Filler event in June 2017.