Santa Maria Brewery

A series of illustrated labels for Santa Maria Craft pub’s own line of craft-beers.
A lot of Fillmore East, Flying Circus, John Alcorn vibes and a distinct italian editorial ‘70s flavor in this super funny project, which I’ve directed too.

Each can was conceived as “title”, more like a character-poster or a book cover than a label, each of which had its own character taken from the beers’ names:

Santa Maria has a nun beacuse the pub is hosted inside of a an ex monastry in Verona, named Santa Maria indeed.
Mompracem has Sandokan himself, because of the Mompracem island in the Salgari’s books
Supernova has an anthropomorphic star, rendered like a renaissance lady with astronomical symbols with her.

This project went to win the Communication Arts Award 2022 for the Illustration category and Autori di Immagini’s Gold Medal for Commercial Illustration 2022.